“After my second back surgery, I needed a way to ice it while I was on the run, due to my busy schedule. Your product did the trick. It's awesome.”

Stu Goodman, Senior Softball Player

“I am a jogger, and I would have pain in my hip after my daily runs. The EZ Ice Therapy Hip Ice Wrap, provided pain relief after each exercise.”

Colleen Macdonald, Runner

“The EZ Ice Therapy Sports Medicine Products, provide an inexpensive means to get stable and consistent pressure on injured or sore muscles and joints, while providing mobility for the individual.”

Robert T. Mazurek MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

“Not having as much back pain as I used to have after a round of golf, I shaved a few strokes off my game. The rest of my foursome, thank you.”

Mike McGlone, Golfer

“My knees would constantly ache morning and night, even without exercise. After using your EZ Ice Therapy product, I feel so good that I am back playing again."

Clint Greenwood, Club Soccer Trainer

“Love the products, love the ease of use, love the results.”

Dale Hefty, Soccer Dad

“Brad, EZ Ice wraps have made a huge impact on our team. No more leaky bags, no more stretch wrap, no more trash left on the bus or in the locker room, and better post workout treatment, because the ice is placed where it needs to be. The EZ Ice wraps are so easy to use and work so well, that our players are excited to have them. Our trainer is in heaven because her biggest headache has been replaced by an effective tool that meets the needs of the athlete. We purchased a double shoulder wrap for each of our players, and some others specific to injuries that certain players had, and it was the best investment I have made in a very long time. EZ Ice is a great product, and Tennessee Tech Softball will be using them from now on! ”

Tory Acheson, Head Softball Coach - Tennessee Tech University

“Before we purchased our EZ Ice Therapy wrap from you, we were constantly wrapping our boys arms around an ice pack with Plastic wrap... It was not very functional, but also ineffective and uncomfortable. EZ Ice Therapy is a great invention for any person, especially athletes. We can now ice sore muscles and/or injuries comfortably and effectively while going about our day. Brilliant invention, thank you for inventing EZ Ice Therapy, it has made our lives so much easier! We couldn't live without it and recommend them to all our athlete friends and relatives.”


"I just wanted to say “Thank You” for making such a wonderful and convenient product. My daughter is a catcher and like most every catcher, after playing 3+ games in a day, the number of overhand throws starts to take its toll on the arm and shoulder. She and I both knew the importance of icing immediately after the games, but having a convenient way to get this done was always a struggle. After years of trying most every other product, we were lucky enough to find EZ Ice Therapy. Now, after the games, we fill the ice bag using the ice from our cooler, add a couple bottles of water and she is icing on the drive home. By the time we arrive home, her “post game” icing regimen is usually done. It’s that easy. Your shoulder and elbow ice wraps have become another piece of the necessary equipment she brings to every practice and every game, much like her bat and glove."

Mark Goodacre, Founder - Fury Softball Organization Temecula, California

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