Easy Ice Therapy Athletic Sports Medicine Ice packs for Shoulders Knees Elbows Hip Back and Wrists
EZ Ice Therapy Athletic Sports Medicine Ice packs for Shoulders Knees Elbows Hip Back and Wrists

EZ Ice Therapy Cold Packs Knees Shoulder Back

"Thank you Brad for the shoulder ice bag. It certainly helped with my recovery!"

- Chuck Jones, Runner

EZ Ice Therapy ice wraps, provide a cold therapy for athletes, weekend warriors, and non-athletes alike. These ice wraps are used by Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, athletes, post surgical patients, personal trainers, people who become injured, and for injury prevention. Cold therapy after exercise, is best to recover quicker, and prevent further injury.

EZ Ice Therapy’s cold therapy, uses an ice pack with a twist off top combined with a neoprene wrap to provide firm, consistent pressure to maximize healing. The principle behind this type of ice therapy, is that real ice decreases pain, swelling, and inflammation best. Ice packs they take real ice, maintains the temperature longer than other frozen products that begin to thaw once they are taken out of the freezer. The unique design of these ice wraps with one or two ice packs, makes for easy compliance of a recovery program because they are easy to use, they stay in place, and you can get ice anywhere you go. Other cold pack products are frozen or need electrical power, which makes it inconvenient for people on the run.

Icing, also known as cryotherapy, needs to be done with a specifically engineered cold wrap, to conform to the affected areas, and provide full contact with proper compression and stability, while maintaining consistent temperature levels. The cold wrap should have a wide mouth, to accommodate the ice. Popular icing methods often fail these tests. Cryotherapy types, like chemical ice packs, cold wraps, and bags of frozen peas, don’t provide compression, and warm up too quickly, therefore providing suboptimal cooling, which makes icing inefficient. Frozen cold packs or ice cups, also warm up too quickly, tend to leak and drip, and don’t provide proper compression. Ice packs that need electrical power, are inconvenient for travel. The best form of cryotherapy is, and always will be the use of real ice.

The Benefits of using EZ Ice Therapy products!

  • Our products stay in place, while providing mobility with treatment.

  • EZ Ice wraps provide stability and compression, eliminating the ice cube in baggy syndrome.

  • Our ice products will not leak! So it can be taken anywhere.

  • Our ice wraps maintain cold temperature (40 – 42 degrees).

  • Our products consist of single shoulder ice pack | double shoulder ice pack | small knee ice pack | large knee ice pack | double knee ice pack | hip ice pack | lower back ice pack | elbow ice pack | wrist ice pack | double ankle ice pack |

  • Ice is always available….

    So EZ Ice Therapy Ice Wraps can be with you at work and at play!

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